3 Basic Guidelines to Ace Your Print Marketing


e discussed in the previous article, the 5 ways to create compelling and effective print ads. Here, we elaborate things in a bit, so we can plan an effective marketing campaigns designed for success.


If you have a marketing team doing all the hustle for you, this could not be much of a bother. However, if you are a neophyte in the process working in limited budget, you have to make sure that every spending should be worth it.


Business is a challenge, so as advertising it. Print advertising is just one of the many ways to showcase your brand, products, and services to your target audience.


While you may already be having printing providers in your area that can guarantee you with quality prints, your design and concept will send the takeaway.


Visual impact is the key for people to read on after first glance, you have to create an impression that can lead them to action. Print as an advertising medium is very useful in many ways, so how do you maximize using its potentials? Here are some few tips that may help you create effective print advertisement.


Create an appealing concept.

You cannot proceed with the content of your advertisement without making a concept first. The creative concept is the story behind the message of the ad. It ties the elements of advertisements to aid the creation of a memorable and effective message for the audience.


The goal is to make a positive response from the target market. Humor, drama, action, are some of the elements you can use to create a memorable impact


Provide a clear and concise message.

The message is the most essential element of advertisements because it’s the influential factor that will persuade the consumers to decide. The content of your ad may vary according to the type of printed material you will use. You can write thorough information in brochures and leaflets while you must make it shorter when you advertise using billboards and banners.


Do not bombard your market with too long information. Be concise. It will be better of you can send a general message in one quick reading.


Lay-out a powerful visual.

The first attraction of your advertisement is the way it looks. The images, graphics, and text are all valuable. You can create a visual guideline with your graphics team to standardize your font, etc. There are five basics to achieve an effective and powerful visual. It should balance, hierarchy, proportion, emphasis and unity.


  • Balance, as the word suggest, means that the elements should be evenly placed in the ad.
  • Hierarchy refers to the flow of the elements according to the reader’s way of uncovering the whole message.
  • Proportion is the size of the elements in highlighting the essential values.
  • Emphasis is the way of making the most important elements stand out.
  • Unity is the harmony of all the advertising elements to make it visually appealing altogether.
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